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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour – Palccoyo Cusco

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The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Visit is an incredible option in contrast to the exemplary trip to Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. Palccoyo is situated in the south of the Cusco area, and it settles at 5000 meters above ocean level high up in the Peruvian Andes. The outward excursion to the highest point of Palccoyo requires around 3.5 hours from Cusco city.

The Rainbow Mountains in Peru are the second most visited fascination, after Machu Picchu. Very much like Vinicunca, Palccoyo also is a piece of the Peruvian Andes. The varieties are a consequence of mineral stores.

Not at all like Entire Day Vinicunca Peru Visit, it is simpler to visit Palccoyo on an entire day visit from Cusco. The visit starts at 04:00 AM. We will be driving you to the trailhead that is at 4900 meters above ocean level. It is only a 45-minute hike to the top.

Palccoyo Cusco’s visit offers you a nearer perspective on the strong Ausangate Mountain. The Trip takes you through Stone Backwoods (Bosque de Piedras). Here you will get to see particular stone arrangements.

All through this short journey, you will actually want to see Andean camelids, Alpacas, Llamas, and Vicuñas. To improve your experience, we will likewise be acquainting you with the life and customs of nearby networks living in the lower regions. They have saved their well-established customs and customs.

Palccoyo Cusco is a high-elevation experience. It is strongly suggested that you put in a couple of days in Cusco and adjust to keep away from height disorder.

The best opportunity to visit Palccoyo Cusco is during the dry season – between Spring and November. During the blustery season, the path gets overwhelmed and elusive.

We work the entire road trip to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain both in private and in a little gathering.

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For the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Visit, we will get you from your hotel in Cusco at 04:00 AM. Then, at that point, we will leave on a drive through the South Valley of Cusco to Cusipata where we will have our morning meal at 6:30 a.m. Then we stop in Checacupe, It is a provincial town and home to an old rope span that looks like the last Inca span, Qeswachaka. Nonetheless, this scaffold was worked during the Spanish period.

Checacupe is the last town prior to entering the foundation of the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain. You can get a few snacks and utilize the bathrooms.

We will then, at that point, set out on a drive up the slope for 1:30 hrs. On our way, we will be going through a few neighborhood networks where the local escort will acquaint you with their lifestyle.

Once at the car park, the guide will give you a short preparation featuring the Andean customs and folklore and the significance of Ausangate Mountain to local people.

We will then start with a progressive hike for 45 minutes. On our way up, you will get to see Andean camelids, Alpacas, Llamas, and Vicuñas. You will likewise draw a nearer perspective on Ausangate Mountain.

You will have a lot of time at the highest point to submerge yourself in the serenity and excellence of nature at 4900 meters above ocean level.

In the wake of putting together nature’s magnificence with respect to this Entire Day Cusco to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain visit, we will start our climb back to the vehicle left. We will then, at that point, drive you back to Cusipata where we will stop for lunch prior to getting back to Cusco at around 16:00 PM.



$45 per person


What is Included for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain?

  • Pick Up from your hotel
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Tour Guide in Spanish and English
  • First aid kit and oxygen cans
  • Tourist Transportation
  • Walking Stick
  • Entrances Fees

What is Not Included?

  • Tips and Snack
  • Any Private Expenses

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