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Waqrapukara Acomayo Cusco is a newfound Inca fort in Peru. It is situated in the South of Cusco, unequivocally 61.7 kilometers (38.3 miles) away. It gets its name in Quechua after its unmistakable structure. Waqra in Quechua implies horn and Pukara implies Fort.

The horn fort is in the middle of two horn-formed mountain tops. It houses eight cultivating porches, squares, a formal community, flights of stairs made totally of stones, and different Inca locales. The archeological site sits 4140 meters above ocean level (13582 ft) over an enormous gorge thickly covered with woods.

We bring planned the entire day Waqrapukara Journey to the table for you an understanding of the set of experiences. You will likewise get to be aware of the practices of local people. They have safeguarded it since pre-Inca times.

Waqrapukara Peru

Waqrapukara road trip starts with a three hours drive from the city of Cusco to a far-off Andean town called Wayki. This is the beginning stage of the journey. From here it is a 550 meters climb to the Waqrapukara Inca ruins.

You will hike up through various environmental zones along the Apurimac Waterway. The trip offers amazing perspectives on Apurimac Gulch. You will likewise get to see all-around saved cave artworks.

At Apple Travel Service, we have total English-talking local escorts for the visit. As local people from the area, they have tremendous information about the way of life and history. You won’t just get to partake in the dazzling excellence of the stronghold yet additionally will get a prologue to the Incas’ set of experiences.

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Waqrapukara Trip is a high-height experience. We firmly suggest you put in a couple of days in Cusco before the journey to stay away from altitude sickness.

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Full day journey to Waqrapukara Peru starts with a pickup at 04:00 AM from your inn in Cusco. We will then leave on a drive to Cusipata. Here we will serve you a local Andean breakfast.

We will then visit the tidal pond of Pomacanchi prior to heading to Huayqui. Pomacanchi tidal pond is a quiet Andean high-country lake. Here you will have a chance to absorb the perspectives on the Andean pinnacles.

Once in Huayqui, we will be giving you a definite preparation prior to beginning our hike up to the Waqrapukara post. It regularly requires 3 hours to arrive at the post from Wayki (Huayqui).

Most of the journey will be along the course of the Apurímac Waterway. Our guide will make sense of you the unmistakable vegetation that you will go through.

En route, we will stop to see some cavern artistic creations. These are a few old works of art that have been safeguarded very well. We will then keep climbing to the highest point of the post.

On arriving at the top, we will provide you with a definite visit through the complex. We will visit various regions where our aide will make sense of its utilization during the Inca human progress. After the visit, you will have extra energy to investigate the fortress. Waqrapukara Acomayo Cusco is an ideal spot to mull over the Andean scene.

Whenever you have had your fill of the Inca’s set of experiences, we will start to climb back to Huayqui, where began from. We will stop for lunch prior to setting out on a drive back to Cusco City.



What is Included?

  • English-speaking Tour Guide
  • Cusco Hotel Transfer
  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Entrance Ticket


What is Not Included?

  • Sun Cream
  • Any Private Expense
  • Walking Sticks
  • Snacks
  • Some Peruvian Soles

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